Calligraphy first

A fortune cookie legend tells the story of a young mute prince from China who, after being driven away from his palace, met a monk who taught him the art of calligraphy. This young man, being unable to speak, communicated by writing messages on rice paper strips.

Some years later, in a large village far from the monastery where he had left the friendly monk, the young prince met a lovely princess for whom his heart filled with love.

In order to get closer to the princess, he worked in the kitchen, where he prepared simple fortune messages like "You are a good person". He baked cookies into which he inserted these messages, until the day he dared to proclaim his love to the princess by having a special fortune cookie delivered just for her...

The princess, realizing where the message originated from, went to the kitchen where she recognized the man she had previously met in the street. The prince was so happy that, then and there, he recovered speech. How could he imagine that fortune cookies would ever become so popular!